10 industry leaders offering real-world insights and validation for the effectiveness of Neobiotech's solutions


A program providing comprehensive understanding of achieving implant treatment success


Panel discussions, consensus meeting, and table clinic sessions delivering practical guidelines and tips


An exceptional opportunity forging industry connections among participants from 70 diverse countries

Silk Road to 100% Success

Our relentless pursuit of excellence mirrors the Silk Road's spirit, where we aim to bridge knowledge gaps, exchange innovative solutions, and foster connections.
It's not just a symposium; it's a thrilling exploration—a pathway to unravel the secrets of achieving 100% success in implant surgery and prosthetics validated by real-world clinical evidence.
Embark on a transformative journey through our symposium, navigating a rich landscape of pioneering solutions, expert collaborations, and proven successes.


Wyndham Grand Levent Istanbul Hotel in Istanbul, Türkiye
Set against the enchanting backdrop of Istanbul, Türkiye, at the Wyndham Grand Levent Hotel, our symposium offers a strategic meeting point bridging the continents.Situated within a short distance from both Asian and European countries, this venue embodies the essence of our 'Silk Road to 100% Success' slogan, symbolizing a cultural and innovative exchange hub.Explore Istanbul's rich history and vibrant culture, where East meets West, mirroring the symposium's spirit of connecting global professionals and fostering groundbreaking collaborations in the ever-evolving landscape of implant dentistry.