Welcome to the Silk Road to 100% Success
Welcome to the "Silk Road to 100%Success" at the 2024 Neobiotech World Symposium.
This year, wedelve into our core philosophy as an implant brand, focusing on the pioneering AnyTimeLoading theory grounded in the revolutionary CMI Fixation concept.
Our goal isnot just to innovate but to transform implantology bymaking zero failure a reality through advanced techniques and designs.
Join usin Istanbul, Turkey, to explore how this symposium can transform your approachto implant treatment and foster an exchange of groundbreaking ideas.
Youngku Heo
President of Neobiotech Co., Ltd.
10 Speakers, 1 Story AnyTimeLoading is a Reality
The essence of the AnyTimeLoading theory challenges conventional wisdom by proposing that loading canoccur at any time during the implant healing process. This paradigm shiftrefutes the notion of a stability dip between 1 to 6 weeks post-implantation,asserting that primary stability is not compromised but rather sustained untilsecondary stability emerges through new bone formation. Our symposium bringstogether 10 distinguished speakers to illuminate this journey, from validatingthe theory to its practical application in everyday clinical settings.
Dr. Youngku Heo
South Korea
“Originating in 2008 with the introduction of the CMI Fixation concept (Fig.1) and further solidified in 2011 with the proposition of
AnyTimeLoading, this theory now boasts 13 years of scientific and empirical success.”
Dr. Jeffery Platt
“By redefining osteotomypreparation and leveraging uniquely designed implants, the total stability ismaintained throughout the early
healing phase (Fig. 2) showcasing predictableoutcomes across loading modalities.”
Dr. Ricardo Alves
“Optimal primary stability hingesnot only on initial torque but also on employing atraumatic surgical techniquesthat align with biological
Prof. Galaktion Makhviladze
“Tailored surgical approachesaccording to the CMI Fixation Drilling Protocol yield Passive Placement inhigh-density bone and Active Placement in
low-density bone, culminating inoptimal fixation and maximal Bone-to-Implant Contact (BIC). (Fig. 3)”
Dr. Mongkol Thaveeprungsiporn
“Tracking stability at regularintervals reveals that total stability remains constant even during the earlyhealing phase, transitioning AnyTimeLoading
from theory to practice.”
Dr. Edgar Cabrera
“The success of AnyTimeLoading is contingent upon implant design features, such as the tapered body,powerful threads, bioseal,and
cutting apex of the CMI Implant, which optimize fixation and resist lateralforces.”
Prof. Janghyun Paek
South Korea
“Effective classification ofclinical conditions and meticulous documentation of primary fixation areasunderpin implant stability and
the feasibility of AnyTimeLoading. (Fig. 4)”
Dr. Marco Redemagni
“Aesthetic success in AnyTimeLoading necessitates meticulous management of prosthetic emergence profiles,occlusal plans, and
provisional and definitive restorations.”
Dr. Giuliano Garlini
“The application of the CMIFixation concept in the upper posterior region, facilitated by specializedtools and implant features, enables excellent
primary stability from thecortical-middle-inferior cortical wall within the maxillary sinus, making AnyTimeLoading possible in the sinus area.”
Prof. Richard Leesungbok
South Korea
“Through Top-Down &Restoration-Driven Treatment Planning, synergized with the CMI Fixationconcept, we unlock novel possibilities for stability
and aesthetic excellencein full-arch implantology.”
Dr. Youngku Heo
South Korea
“The true value of AnyTimeLoading lies in its real-world application in daily practice; once youunderstand the concept, the protocol is very clear