Chairman's message

Serving the best products and services to implantologists under the motto of No.1 implant system in the world.

Greetings, Neobiotech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive products and solutions for implant, restorative, and digital dentistry. Ever since our foundation in the year 2000, Neobiotech has been relentlessly striving for new and better ways in every area of implant dentistry with a central belief that our solutions must remain Simple, Safe, and Speedy (the 3S Spirit) for both the dentists and patients. Today, Neobiotech products, services, and educational offerings are available in around 75 countries worldwide through subsidiaries and distributors.

Neobiotech Co.believes that implant design should be developed based on implant surgical protocols prior to the application of other technologies. In 2007, Neobiotech introduced a new implant to the world, called CMI (SinusQuick) Implant: an implant designed to easily achieve maximum initial fixation in maxillary or mandibular bone during implant placement.

Neobiotech changed the implant design from a straight body type (earlier implant design)to a tapered body type by applying the concept of “CMI fixation” and“Anytime loading”. This innovation led Neobiotech to differentiate its products from other implant companies’ products and services.

A leading innovator of implant dentistry, Neobiotech

In the same year, Neobiotech also launched the Sinus Lateral Approach (SLA) Kit, which received praise and love worldwide.In the same year, Neobiotech launched the new GBR system that enabled easier, safer, and faster GBR processes, which were invented by Dr. Heo’s (CEO of Neobiotech) through many years of surgical experience.
In 2008, Neobiotech released the Sinus Crestal Approach (SCA) surgical kit and brought out innovation to sinus implant surgical operation.

In the middle of 2009, for the very first time, Neobiotech launched FR Kit (Fixture Remover Kit), which let easy access to removing fixture abutments to dentists.In 2010, we have launched SR Kit (Screw Remover Kit), and from this, Neobiotech has made advanced surgical solution series: SCA Kit, SLA Kit, FR Kit, SR Kit. Furthermore, Neobiotech launched the new GBR solution series in 2011: the new GBR Kit, CTi-mem (Customized Titanium Membrane), ACM (Autochip Maker).

Neobiotech beyond the limit

Neobiotech has not only focused on creating innovative products and surgical protocols, but also followed the 3S (Simple, Safe, Speedy) concept while developing products in order to make sure the products were much simpler, safer, and faster for every implantologist to be confident and feel convenient during implant surgery.

To satisfy all of our customers’ needs, Neobiotech will always be more than happy to come closer and listen to our valuable customers’ voices.
Neobiotech will strive to be the world’s best implant company by continuously developing new implant system that all implantologist will trust and enjoy.

Chairman of Neobiotech
Young-Ku, Heo