VAROGuide Demonstration

Jul 15-16, 2023
VAROGuide Demonstration Showcases Advanced Maxillary Placement and Implant Surgery Techniques.

A highly anticipated event, the VAROGuide demonstration in Italy, took place from July 15th to 16th, in the vibrant city of Milan.  The demonstration focused on highlighting the latest innovations in maxillary placement and implant surgery, providing an opportunity for professionals in the field to witness innovative procedures firsthand. With its significance in improving dental procedures, the event generated immense excitement within the industry.

Dr. Sophia Park’s demonstration gathered renowned practitioners, dental professionals, and experts with a shared objective of showcasing the potentials of advanced maxillary placement and implant surgery techniques. This two-day event proved to be an excellent platform for exchanging knowledge, learning industry leaders, and gaining insights into the future of dental surgery.

Throughout the intensive demonstration, participants were guided through the intricacies of various techniques that have revolutionized maxillary placement and implant surgeries. Dr. Sophia Park walked attendees through the entire process, demonstrating the seamless integration of modern technologies to enhance precision, accuracy, and patient comfort during surgical procedures.

The primary focus of the demonstration was the groundbreaking VAROGuide technology. This digital system employs sophisticated virtual planning and 3D printing to produce patient-specific surgical guides for maxillary placement and implant surgeries. The VAROGuide system not only ensures optimal outcomes but also delivers efficiency and simplicity to professionals.