Neobiotech Hosts Unforgettable Evening for ICD Delegates at HQ

Nov 3-5, 2023
Neobiotech sponsored the International Council of Dentists (ICD) during their annual International Council Meeting and Induction Ceremony in Korea, showcasing their respect for the ICD’s dedication tohumanitarian projects in dentistry.

The highlight of the collaboration was the “Neobiotech sponsored ICD Farewell Dinner” at theirheadquarters, which included a factory tour, a seminar on Neobiotech’s philosophy and history, a splendiddinner, and captivating entertainment.

The event left a lasting impression on attendees, who praised Neobiotech’s innovative approach and the opportunityto experience Korean arts and culture. The collaboration strengthened the bond between the dental community and Neobiotech’s visionary approach in the field. The ICD is a prestigious global dental honor society with over 12,000 members across 140 countries, recognizing exceptional professional accomplishments and commitment to advancing dentistry for the betterment of humanity.