Neobiotech Club Georgia Meeting

Feb 23, 2024
The club meeting, took place on February 23rd in Kutaisi, Georgia, was hosted by G&G Group to share insights on the usage of Neobiotech's implant system through real-life cases.

Dr.Nika Batiashvili, Dr.Levan Patchkoria, Dr.Levan Sinatashvili, andDr. Giorgi Tskalobovidelivered lectures covering various topics, including the management ofatrophic alveolar ridges with a review of clinical cases, the prostheticcapabilities of the Neobiotechimplant system, the management of bone defects of different etiologies fromaugmentation to final outcomes, as well as complications and their solutions.The event provided a comprehensive understanding of advanced dental practicesand highlighted the effectiveness of Neobiotech'sinnovative implant solutions.