Neobiotech Club Georgia Meeting

Jul 7 & 21, 2023

In Gori

Neobiotech Club Georgia, a gathering of dental professionals and enthusiasts, was set to hold a highly anticipated meeting in Gori on July 7th . Hosted by Office dental LLC, this gathering promises to provide invaluable insights into the world of dental implantology and cutting-edge techniques. At the forefront of the event would be Dr. Dimitri Gogoladze, Dr. Nika Batiashvil, Dr. Irakli Chachua, and Dr. Dimitri Khechannov distinguished experts in the field. The speakers shared their extensive knowledge on a range of topics, including sinus augmentation with SLA and SCA kits, dental implantology surgical protocols, and NaviGuide implantation.

In Batumi

The highly anticipated Neobiotech Club Georgia meeting took place on July 21st  in the picturesque city of Batumi. Hosted by Office Dental LLC,this event gathered dental professionals from across the country to explore the fascinating field of dental implantology. At the forefront of the meeting were esteemed speakers Dr. Nika Batiashvili, Dr. Dimitri Gogoladze, Dr. Dimitri Khechanov, Dr. Levan Sinatashvili, and Dr. Levan Pachkoria. The lecture topic centered around the Neobiotech implant system and protocol, offering attendees valuable insights into the latest advancements in this field.

· Dental implantology surgical protocol

·  Sinus augmentation with SLA and SCA kits

· Neo NaviGuide

The Neobiotech Club Georgia Meeting in Batumi was an invaluable opportunity for dental professionals to deepen their knowledge, exchange ideas, and connect with peers in the industry. With the expertise of the speakers and the comprehensive program, attendees were able to enhance their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in dental implantology.