Innovative Implant Dentistry Seminar in Osaka

May 7, 2024
A Resounding Success

A one-day seminar was held in Osaka, Japan on May 7th,hosted by Dr. Anvar. The seminar focused on various aspects of implant dentistry, including treatment planning for implants, immediate implant placement into extraction sockets,peri-implantitis management, and digital implant dentistry. The event, led by Professor Yasushi Nakajima, received high praise from the participants.

During the seminar, attendees were introduced to the practical skills and case studies presented by Professor Yasushi Nakajima. The lectures were delivered at a high level, providing a wealth of useful information. Participants particularly appreciated the qualified Q&A session, which addressed various implant-related issues. Following the lectures, participants enjoyed excursions that left an unforgettable impression. The event was not only educational but also offered a memorable experience for all who attended.