Nov 27-28, 2022

Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM)was held at Jacob K. Javits convention center.

AtHarvard and Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, Dr. YongkuHeo,the CEO of Neobiotech,started lecture with the history of Neobiotech,and the history of all the products his inventedㅡSinus,FR, SR, R-Brush/ T-Brush, CMI, AnyCheckand VARO Guide. He presented the video of him placing implant by himselflooking at a mirror using VAROGuidewas sensational!  Attendees were shockedand impressed how confident Dr. Heocould be about his clever invention VAROGuideand also for himself.  

Harvard School Dental of Medicine

Lecture was held at Harvard School Dental of Medicine Auditorium on November 28th.  About 45 periodontics –post graduates, residents, associate professors and researchers – attended.

Rutgers School Dental of Medicine

Lecture was held at Rutgers Periodontics Department Classroom on November 29th. 22 periodontics – residents, fellow, associate professors – attended.