2023 TDA Exhibition

Jun 7-9, 2023
2023 TDA Exhibition – 115th Annual Meeting of the Dental Association of Thailand

The dental community gathered in Bangkok for the highly anticipated 115th Annual Meeting of the Dental Association of Thailand. With an attendance of over 6,000 professionals, the event proved to be a hub of knowledge exchange and engagement. This year’s meeting covered a diverse range of topics listed below.

Topics covered during the seminar

· Comprehensive Dental Care

· A2R C-shaped Root Canal Management (Anatomy to Restoration)

· Maxillofacial Rehabilitation

· An Evidence-Based Approach by a Panel of MU Experts

· Genetics and Personalized Medicine

· Oral Scanner and CAD-CAM in Dentistry

· Success and Failure in Dental Materials

The meeting bolstered collaboration and fostered innovation, ensuring that the dental industry in Thailand continues its pursuit of excellence, benefitting both dental professionals and patients alike.