2023 Neobiotech Symposium

Nov 17-19, 2023
Thehighly anticipated 2023 NeobiotechSymposium in Dubai, held, brought together esteemed experts in thefield of dentistry.

Prof. Jacob G. Park, Prof. Marco Redemagni,Prof. Hassan Shayesteh, andDr. Ardavan Etemadicaptivated the audience with their presentations on cutting-edge topics. Prof.Park shared insights on CAD/CAM Dentistry, Esthetics, and Occlusion, whileProf. Redemagniexplored the revolutionary CMI Concept and Guided Surgery with NeoBiotechImplants.

Prof. Shayesteh shedlight on Implant Placement and Grafting in Patients with Damaged Sockets, andDr. Etemadiintroduced an innovative approach for Sinus Augmentation with CMI Implants.This symposium was a hub of knowledge and innovation, providing attendees withinvaluable advancements in the field of dentistry.