Young-ku Heo, CEO of Neobiotech, participates in the "NO EXIT" campaign for eradication of drugs.


Young-ku Heo, CEOof Neobiotech, participated in the ‘NO EXIT’ relay to prevent drug crimes onJuly 24.

The NO EXITcampaign is an SNS relay campaign that has been launched since April by theNational Police Agency and the Anti-Drug Campaign Headquarters to inform theseriousness of drugs and prevent addiction.

The NO EXITcampaign is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of drugsand drug-related crimes, which have recently emerged as serious socialproblems, and to create a clean society without drugs.

Young-ku Heoparticipated in the campaign after being pointed out by Tae-geun Park,president of the Korean 1Dental Association, and pointed out Nam-yoon Kim (KimNam-yoon Dental Clinic) and Jong-yeop Kim (Boston Smart Dental Clinic) as thenext runners.

Young-ku Heosaid, "The people should be alert to eradicating of drugs and preventingdrug crimes. I hope this campaign will setthe tone for a socialatmosphere that can move toward a safe and healthy society without drugs"

Young-ku Heo whohas been trying to realize corporate value through social contributionactivities, delivered a drug eradication campaign to executives and employeesand appealed for participation, and said he will continue to activelyparticipate in various activities to improve social awareness.