Neobiotech’s successful participation in GAMEX 2023


Neobiotech participated in the 2023 GAMEX exhibition held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul, from September 23rd to 24th, and received great response from visitors with various exhibition zones and promotions.

Neobiotech divided promotional booths such as △ Neo product zone △ Digital zone △ Guide system zone △ Chair zone △ Dental clinic opening consulting zone to provide visitors with an opportunity to experience various products that incorporate Neobiotech's technology.

Neobiotech also held a special promotion to make it possible to purchase Neobiotech's products at a reasonable price, attracting visitors.

In addition, Neobiotech received great response by operating a hands-on booth where visitors can experience the "YK Link System," which is drawing attention as a next-generation prosthetic system.

A customer who experienced hands-on said, "Unlike the existing SCRP method, patients are likely to be satisfied with aesthetics because there is no screw hole," adding, "It will be of great help to shorten the operation time for doctors because prosthetics can be easily detachable with just a click."

The YK Link System hands-on booth was constantly visited by visitors who wanted to experience a new prosthetic system.

Neobiotech has also prepared various prizes and events for visitors.

The event was held to present gifts to all participants, and dental masks, gloves, and etc. were provided just by visiting the Neobiotech booth. Neo-user customers were given additional tumbler. Plus, Starbucks coffee coupons were presented to hands-on experience customers and customers who follow Neo's official SNS channel (Instagram/Facebook/KakaoTalk/YouTube).

A Neobiotech official said, "For the two days when GAMEX 2023 was held, visitors continued to visit due to the interest of Neo's new product 'YK Link System' and the promotion of various products," adding, "We will continue to communicate with customers by providing various opportunities to experience Neo's excellence."