Neobiotech's Extensive Participation in Second-Half Exhibitions

Participating in 5 Exhibitions Over 3 Months, with Hands-On Experiences and Abundant Promotions

Neobiotech, following the first half, extensively participates in key exhibitions for the second half, intensifying promotion activities.

Starting with 'GAMEX 2023' and 'EAO 2023' in September, Neobiotech will showcase various products at a total of five exhibitions from October to December, aiming to promote and secure customers.

Furthermore, they plan to offer attendees the opportunity to experience Neobiotech's new products firsthand by setting up hands-on booths where they can experience the highly anticipated 'YK Link System' and temporary crown 'Magic i Temp.' Additionally, they have plans to reward participating customers with generous gifts.

First, Neobiotech have participated in YESDEX 2023, which was held at the Daegu EXCO from October 28th to 29th. They operated a total of 32 booths, allowing attendees to experience a variety of Neobiotech products.

Additionally, on the event's opening day, the 28th, Young-Ku Heo, the CEO of Neobiotech, made a lecture on the subject of 'Screw Hole Free Detachable Prostheses.'

In November, Neobiotech will showcase a variety of products and offer rich promotions at a total of three exhibitions. Neobiotech is planning to participate in the ICD exhibition, which will take place from the 3rd to the 5th at COEX in Seoul, as well as the 'CDC 2023' held at the Daejeon Convention Center during the same period. At CDC 2023, Professor Lee Seong-Bok will deliver a lecture on the topic of 'Innovative Implant Prosthetic System: No Screw, No Cement, but Detachable Prostheses.'

Moreover, they will also participate in 'HODEX 2023,' a two-day event held at the Kim Dae-Jung Convention Center in Gwangju from the 11th to the 12th. On the first day of the event, which is the 11th, Young-Ku Heo, the CEO of Neobiotech, will lecture on the topic of 'Stable Prosthetic Solutions for Elderly Patients with Easy Detachable Full Arch Implants.'

Lastly, Neobiotech will participate in 'KDX 2023,' which will be held at the Seoul aT Center from December 16th to 17th. They are going to plan to participate with a total of 20 booths, aiming to capture the attention of attendees through various products and abundant promotions.

A Neobiotech official said, "We're happy to join many exhibitions in the second half of the year. This gives us the chance to tell many people about Neobiotech's excellence. We have plans to introduce our advanced products, along with exciting events and promotions. We hope you can show your interest and participate."