Young-ku Heo, CEO of Neobiotech, won the presidential commendation for exemplary small and medium-sized enterpriser


Contributing to strengthening the competitiveness of the national medical industry through the development of new medical technologies

Young-ku Heo, CEO of Neobiotech, won the Presidential Commendation in Manufacturing, an exemplary small and medium-sized enterprise, at the 2023 Korea Small and Medium Business Competition.

The Small and Medium Business Competition is an event to reward and encourage small and medium-sized venture companies that have contributed to the development of the national society, such as industrial development, job creation, export expansion, and social contribution.

Young-ku Heo, CEO of Neobiotech, was honored with the Presidential Commendation for his contribution to the popularization of dental implant and the establishment of a national economy and welfare society through innovative development of dental implant and surgical solutions.

Starting with SCRP products, Young-ku Heo is evaluated that he has contributed to popularizing implants through innovative product development, including SCA Kit, SLA Kit, FR Kit, SR Kit (Kit for removal of implant and screw), VAROGuide(new concept digital implant guide), and recently YK Link System.

In addition, Neobiotech has been conducting various social contribution activities such as donation activities for local communities and low-income families and donations of dental scholarships.

Last year, Neobiotech contributed to the development of the country by faithfully fulfilling its tax obligations and received an exemplary taxpayer commendation.

Meanwhile, Neo moved its headquarters to Wonju Enterprise City in Gangwon Province in 2022 and is contributing to the establishment of a local economy and welfare society by striving to create high-quality jobs and maintain employment in the region based on the labor-management win-win job agreement.

Currently, Neobiotech supplies more than 1.2 million implants per year to about 70 countries around the world, and is raising its status in the global market as a global implant company by proving its stability based on excellent quality.

Young-ku Heo said, "I'm happy to be recognized both internally and externally for our efforts. we will continue to do our best to contribute to the development of the national economy and the promotion of public health".