Neobiotech showed excellent technology at EAO 2023


Neobiotech participated in the EAO 2023 held at the CityCube in Berlin, Germany from September 28 to 30, showing the technology of Neobiotech's products, which received great response from visitors.

At the EAO 2023, Neobiotech exhibited various products developed with Neo's innovative technologies, including IS-III Active and IT-III Active with CMI-concept, Sinus Kit (SCA, SLA, SA), Repair Solution SR, FR Kit, digital implant guide 'VAROGuide' and YK Link System. Also, They operated a booth where visitors can directly experience the excellence of their products.

In particular, there was highly interest in Sinus Kit, which was developed for the first time in dental industry and is recognized for its quality overseas, and VAROGuide, which allows digital guides to be produced and dental implants to be placed in 30 minutes.

In addition, the newly released "YK Link System" drew great expectations as an innovative next-generation prosthesis that goes beyond the existing prosthesis method, in that it is a product that can be attached and detached without intraoral cementation and screws.

A visitor who visited the Neobiotech booth said, "It was good to experience products that incorporate Neo's excellent technology and receive feedback on the spot," adding, "We are paying attention to Neobiotech's continuous development of products with innovative technology."

A Neobiotech official said “This EAO 2023 was a great opportunity to promote Neo's outstanding products to implant companies and dentists around the world. We will continue to do our best to become a global implant company leading the global market with outstanding technology and quality”