Neobiotech Launches New 'Tick-Tock Implant' that connects 'Tick-Tock' at one time


| Complex dental implant surgery 'NO', simple 'Tick-Tock'

| New concept implants that overcome existing implant limitations

Neobiotech has released a new conceptimplant system called ‘Tick-Tock Implant (YK Link System)’.

A Tick-Tock Implant is a next-generationprosthesis system that overcomes the limitations of the existing implant thatconnects prosthesis with screws, and is an implant that connects prosthesiseasily like a snap button.

It is not only easy to attach and detachthe implant prosthesis with just a ‘Tick-Tock’ click, but it is also aestheticbecause it does not have a screw hole that connect implant crown, unlikeexisting dental implants.

In addition, the surgery time is short, andit has an excellent effect on preventing inflammation around the dentalimplant.

In the case of existing implants thatconnect prosthesis with screws, the treatment process may be complicated whenthe connecting screw is loosened or fractured,as well as foreign substances may enter and smell through the fine space in thescrew holes.

Neobiotech’s Tick-Tock Implant is animplant that gets over for these shortcomings,and it relieves inconvenience in terms of management and treatment not only forpatients but also for dentists.

Young-ku Heo, CEO of Neobiotech, whodeveloped the Tick-Tock implant, said, "After more than 10 years ofresearch, we have made an implant that is moreconvenient and easy than any other implant. Tick-Tock implant will be a newgame changer in dental implants."

Meanwhile, Young-ku Heo, CEO ofNeobiotech, won the presidential commendation in Manufacturing, an exemplarysmall and medium-sized enterpriser, at the 2023 Korea Small and Medium BusinessCompetition.

Young-ku Heo is evaluated that he hascontributed to popularizing implants through innovative product developmentfrom implant systems to convenient products related to surgery and recentlyreleased Tick-Tock implant.

Currently, Neobiotech exports implants about 70 countries around the world,and is raising its status in the global market as a global implant company byproving its stability based on excellent quality.