Neobiotech hosts 2024 Türkiye World Symposium

- April 20th to 21st, held in Istanbul under the theme 'Silk road to 100% success'

Neobiotech Co., Ltd. (CEO Young-gu Heo, hereinafter referredto as Neo) will host the 2024 World Symposium. This symposium, under the slogan"Silk road to 100% success," will take place in Istanbul, Turkey,from April 20th to 21st. Ten distinguished professors and dentists from bothdomestic and international dentistry will serve as speakers, engaging inin-depth discussions on considerations for achieving 100% implant success,including establishment guidelines, procedural know-how, successfulestablishment methods using Neo CMI implants, and the timing of prostheticloading.

Especially different from traditional symposium formats, eachspeaker's lecture time will be brief, within 30 minutes. The symposium will bedivided into morning and afternoon sessions, each addressing different topics.The morning session, themed "100% Success in surgery," will featurelectures on overcoming stability dips through implant placement protocols for"AnyTime Loading" and Neo's CMI implant placement.

The afternoon session, themed "100% Success inLoading," will focus on optimal timing for loading prosthetics afterimplant placement and methods for AnyTime Loading in sinus area. Following theconclusion of each session's speakers, all speakers will reconvene for a paneldiscussion to draw conclusions, marking the end of the main lectures.

Moreover, outside the lecture hall, a Table Clinic conceptwill allow speakers to personally explain Neo products at exhibition booths,providing hands-on demonstrations and conducting additional clinical discussionsin real-time. The advantage of deep discussions in the exhibition zone, whereparticipants can interact closely with the speakers, promises to offerattendees a unique experience.

A Neo’s representative stated, "This World Symposiumrepresents a new attempt with a different concept from our previous events,both inside and outside the lecture hall. We anticipate that it will provideparticipants with a valuable experience. It's not only an opportunity for anin-depth understanding and discussion of Neo products but also a chance forparticipants to communicate closely with the speakers."