Neobiotech Holds Inauguration Ceremony for Disabled Artists Troupe

Supporting Artists with Intellectual Disabilities... Expanding ESG Management

Neobiotech held the inauguration ceremony for a Disabled Artists Troupe at its headquarters in Wonju, Gangwon State, on November 27. The event was attended by around 50 participants, including Young-ku Heo, CEO of Neobiotech, Sang-Gu Kim, the director of the Gangwon Regional Office of the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled, Neobiotech employees, and members of the artists' troupe.

Neo's Disabled Artists Troupe was established as part of its ESG management activities to not only support disabled artists in pursuing their artistic dreams but also to create job opportunities for people with disabilities and to practice social diversity and respect.

The art troupe, composed of four individuals with severe intellectual disabilities and one leader, was established through collaboration with the Gangwon Regional Office of the Disability Employment Agency. This marks the first corporate collaboration case in Gangwon State, and they started their activities in September.

The inaugural ceremony commenced with an opening declaration, followed by a performance by Neo's Disabled Artists Troupe, speeches, a commemorative photoshoot, and a tour of the Wonju headquarters.

Especially, the performance by the Disabled Artists Troupe that took place after the opening ceremony featured the members showcasing beautiful harmony to the audience and received a warm round of applause.

Young-ku Heo, CEO of Neobiotech, welcomed the new members of the Neobiotech Disabled Artists Troupe, saying, "The establishment of this disabled artists troupe will provide an opportunity for troupe members to engage in artistic activities in a stable environment and will also be an opportunity to enhance awareness of disabilities within our company. We will continue to strive for the company's social responsibility through the creation of job opportunities for people with disabilities and the improvement of employment environments."

The director of the Gangwon Regional Office of the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled, which collaborated on this initiative, stated, "We believe that Neobiotech's unique initiatives have the potential to bring about significant changes and become a success story in the employment of individuals with disabilities."

Neobiotech is conducting consistent donation campaigns to practice a management philosophy of sharing and volunteering. They are donating medical expenses and scholarships for medical blind spots and carrying out various social contribution projects, including the Wonju City labor-management joint job agreement.