Neobiotech Holds Global Dentist Seminar in Korea

Opportunity to promote excellence of Neobiotech products and K-implants

Neobiotech Co., Ltd. (CEO Heo Young-ku, hereinafter Neo) has invited dentists from Russia, Bulgaria, and Georgia to hold "Visiting Korea for Seminar." Participants toured the production facilities, R&D facilities, and business units of the neobiotech’s Wonju headquarters and were introduced to the production process of implant.

Through the seminar, Neobiotech shared the excellence of Neoimplant and the know-how in using products according to clinical cases, and through this, it widely spread the excellence of Neobiotech's products and K-implants. In addition, additional customized programs for each country were conducted to provide opportunities to feel Korean emotions and culture, such as visiting Korean cultural heritage and experiencing Taekkyeon.

Neo holds seminars for local dentists along with seminars in Korea to spread Neo's innovative technology and the excellence of Korean implants to the global market. Neo held its product training seminar in Perm and Ulan-Ude, Russia in June, and in Gori and Batumi, Georgia in July.

A seminar was held to practice, and in September, it will continue its overseas activities by participating in EAO 2023, Europe's largest implant-specialized society. It also plans to continue to operate seminars in Korea in the second half of the year.

A Neo official said, "Participants are highly satisfied with local and Korean seminars. In particular, the seminar in Korea raised the credibility of Neo and expectations for products to be released in the future, he said. "We will continue to actively promote Neoimplants to overseas users through various activities."

Neo currently supplies implants to more than 70 countries, including the United States, Japan, Europe, Russia, and Thailand, and has been proven to be stable based on excellent quality, raising its status as a global implant company in the global market.