Young-ku Heo, CEO of Neobiotech, lectures at U.S. prominent dental universities, ‘Harvard, Rutgers and Loma Linda’

Lectures at U.S. prominent dental universities

Young-ku Heo, CEO of Neobiotech, gave enthusiastic lectures at three dental universities, Harvard, Rutgers and Loma Linda, from the November 28th to December 2nd, 2022

In this lecture on implant Anytime loading, he introduced △ The creation of a surgical guide for implant procedures (VAROGuide) △ Anytime loading concept and long-term clinical outcomes (CMI implants) △ minimally invasive sinus surgery (Sinus solution kit, SCA/SLA kit) △ new treatment options (i/R/T Brush) and repair solutions (FR, SR Kit)

And besides, while sharing clinical results and know-how in use of products developed for the first time in the dental industry, he explained in detail the implant procedure for Anytime loading and the sinus approach technique using SCA and SLA surgery instruments.


In particular, he introduced a one-day solution using VAROGuide system, which is considered the most advanced implant guide, drawing attention from participants.


Neobiotech will continue to promote advanced Korean implant technology and various dental information through international exchanges, and try to establish itself as the leading K-implant brand in the global market.