Neobiotech Launches 'Magic i Temp' for Implant Temporary Crown

Magic i Temp

Neobiotech unveiled its implant temporary crown ‘Magic i Temp’.

‘Magic i Temp’ is a groundbreaking system that allows temporary crown to be produced directly in the dental clinic without going through the dental laboratory's manufacturing process. Even though Unskilled people who are not familiar with temporary crown production can not only produce them quickly and accurately, but also complete on-site production within 5 to 10 minutes on the day of surgery.

In particular, spatial repair can be immediately carried out after surgery to solve aesthetic problems.

"Magic i Temp" is equipped with a standardized uncured resin on top of the temporary abutment, and is composed of a total of six types, including △Maxillary incisor △Maxillary lateral incisor △Lower incisors △ Canine △ premolar △Molar and can be applied to all positions of the teeth. It also comes with three sizes for each type, so it can be used in various ways according to the size of the teeth.

‘Magic i Temp’ can be produced an ideal dental model with minimal molding. The uncured resin applied to the product has excellent strength and is not easily broken and apart, overcoming the limitations of the existing powder and liquid mixing method.

In addition, there is a hexagonal tip post in the screw hole that can be used as a driver, making it easy to move the product into the oral cavity and making it possible to combine with the fixture.