Incheon International Airport Limousine Bus wears neobiotech implant advertising

Neobiotech is advertising on airport limousine bus at Incheon International Airport.

Buses become wearing an advertisement of Neobiotech's new product, Tick-Tock Implant, and many people using the airport are paying attention.

Neobiotech runs advertisement of Airport Limousine Bus until December with a total of 10 buses, five routes (6006, 6009, 6020, 6200, 6300) between Seoul and Incheon International Airport.

On the other hand, Tick-Tock Implant, which is advertised in airport bus, is a next-generation prosthesis system that overcomes the limitations of the existing implant system that is fixed prosthesis with screws, and is an implant combining with prosthesis easily like a snap button.

It is not only easy to attach and detach the implant prosthesis with just a ‘Tick-Tock’ click, but it is also aesthetic because it does not have a screw hole that connects with implant crown, unlike existing dental implants.

In addition, most of patients feel satisfaction about the surgery time using Tick-Tock implant is shorter than before, and it has an excellent effect on preventing inflammation around the dental implant.

In addition to airport bus limousine advertisement, Neobiotech is conducting various online and offline advertising such as TV, radio, and SNS to increase awareness of the new product Tick-Tock Implant(YK Link System) and neobiotech.

A Neobiotech official said "Through the airport bus limousine advertisement, people around the world who use Incheon International Airport can meet Neobiotech, a global implant brand. We will continue to promote Neobiotech through various marketing activities."