Holding a ‘YK Link System’ Successful seminar


The seminar on 'YK Link System', Neobiotech's next-generation innovative prosthetic system, was successfully held.

Neobiotech's new product 'YK Link System' is a new implant prosthetic system that overcomes the shortcomings of SCRP with the concept of 'No Screw, But Detachable Prostheses'.

The ‘YK Link System’ is designed to detach prosthetics easily and conveniently by the hook structure of YK Link(Cylinder), which is combined with YK Abutment without screws. And it is aesthetic because there is no screw hole.

In addition, since zirconia crown and hook-structured YK Link(Cylinder) are combined and provided from laboratory to the dentist, prosthetics can be directly connected to the patient without cementation in the oral cavity, preventing various problems after the procedure such as peri-implantitis due to residual adhesives.

And it was designed to focus on the convenience of follow-up management such as abutment loosening, fracture, and bone loss by strengthening durability so that it can be used for a long time.

The ‘YK Link System’ can be applied as a piece of crown with YK cylinder from single case to full arch case by each case. So it can be simply equipped with prosthetics with only push, and has a very low crown dropout rate.

Another advantage is that technology for prosthetic loosening prevention is applied and it is compatible with other company's fixtures.

Participants of the seminar showed high satisfaction, saying, "It was a good opportunity to understand the exact purpose and concept of the product through individual guidance, check actual clinical cases, and receive feedback on questions in real time.