Neobiotech, making a donation of $8,400 to NGO good people for 'low-income dental care'



OnApril 7th, Neobiotech has made a donation of $8,400 to NGO good people to support the low-income dental care.


Major officials, including Park Shin-kyu, head of marketing division in Neobiotech and external cooperation director Cho Ji-hoon in Good People attended the donation ceremony.


Founded in February 1999, Good People is an International Relief and Development Organization that operates 24 businesses in 17 countries and conducts various support projects such as health care drinking water hygiene, crisis family support, and child support for the underprivileged at home and abroad.


As part of health and medical support, they are also providing surgery and treatment costs to help children and families who are not receiving proper dental treatment due to financial difficulties.


The donation donated by Neobiotech will also be used to improve the oral healthof low-income people who are in the blind spot of medical care due to economic difficulties.


Neobiotech has been steadily engaging in social contribution activities under the management philosophy of sharing and service.

Last year, executives and employees collected monthly donations and gave them to Wonju-si, Gangwon-do.  

In addition, various social contribution projects are being carried out, including donations to help the needy at the end of the year.


Neobiotech official said, "We hope this sharing will help those who are having practical difficulties in dental treatment. we will continue to carry out various social contribution activities for the underprivileged"