Completed new building of Neobiotech in Wonju, Korea


Completed new building of Neobiotech in Wonju

Neobiotech(CEO Young-ku, Heo) paved the way for jumping up toward global market by completion of new building in Wonju, Korea.

Neobiotech’s new building has been completed by 14,600㎡ building area in plottage 47,000㎡. It took about one year and eight months.

The Neobiotech’s new building has production facilities, office spaces and conference rooms to work comfortably, as well as various amenities such as rooftop, terrace and rest areas for the welfare of executives and employees, cafeteria, in-house cafe lounge, open public space and fitness center.

Currently, some of employees have completed the first migration to Neobiotech's new building, and additional migration is underway in the first half of 2023.

And Neobiotech has a plan to operate the production facilities in full swing from 2024.

They will recruit amount of employees for production and quality department. It could be helpful for local recruit and financial development.

It is expected to contribute greatly to job creation and economic development in the local community as it plans to operate production facilities in earnest from 2024 and hire workers from production and quality headquarters on a large scale.

Completed new building of Neobiotech in Wonju

Neobiotech said, "The completion of the new building in Wonju has various symbolism. It means enlargement of global market through production facilities expansion and we are able to supply products smoothly and stably. In addition, the quality and productivity of the product have improved with a pleasant quality inspection room. we will continue to develop products for the global market by strengthening our position as a global company."

Currently Neobiotech has exporting to more than 70 countries around the world, plans to create a new vision and value to become a global company by increasing production and exports to meet growing global demand, including the domestic market, and will once again create a new paradigm in the dental industry by launching new prosthetic systems such as ‘YK Link System’ and ‘Magic i Temp’.