Neobiotech to hold 2023 symposium on 'YK, The Game Changer'


- Next generation prosthetic system ‘YK Link System’ lecture

- Introducing Neobiotech’s Innovative products and sharing latest clinical trends

2023 Neobiotech symposium

Neobiotech announced that it will hold a 2023 symposium on ‘YK, The Game Changer’ at Sejong University Convention Hall on 4th June.

Neobiotech has a plan to introduce innovative products developed with its technology and share clinical trends across dental industry.

The symposium consists of three sessions : △Korean doctor session △Chinese doctor session △Dental technician & dental hygienist session

At the session for Korean doctor, they plan to share successful clinical cases and know-how on the next generation implant prosthetic system ‘YK System’ and the implant temporary crown ‘Magic i Temp’.

At the session for Chinese doctor, Lectures on products are going to progress by Neobiotech will be held.

It will share clinical cases of the sinus approach using ‘SCA and SLA’, which were developed for the first time in the dental industry, and clinical cases using the implant stability meter ‘AnyCheck’.

At the session for dental technician & dental hygienist, Neobiotech will give lectures on how to use YK Abutment, which can be applied directly to dental clinic, and Zirconia coloring using CAD programs. This will be a time to strengthen practical skills to dental technician & dental hygienist.

In addition, Neobiotech is preparing various free gifts and events for visitors to the symposium.

Dental masks will be provided to all visitors, and products such as △Neochair M3 △AnyCheck △3D Printer T7 △NSK Engine will be presented through a lottery event.

A Neobiotech official said, "This symposium will be a venue for communication to prove and share the technology of Neobiotech's new product. We will do the best we can to meet your expectations, so please give us a lot of attention and support."