2023 Neobiotech Symposium was held successfully in Korea


The official launching of YK Link System

Neobiotech successfully completed the 2023 Neobiotech Symposium at Sejong University’s Gwanggaeto Hall on June 4.

The Neobiotech Symposium was held under the theme of 'YK, The Game Changer'.

The useful lectures were held on Neobiotech's innovative products, including the next-generation prosthetic system ‘YK Link System’, temporary crown ‘Magic i Temp’, digital guide ‘VAROGuide’, and digital clear aligner ‘btsmile’.

The symposium consists of four sessions : △Korean doctor session △Chinese doctor session △Dental technician & dental hygienist session

Notable professors and doctors from home and abroad, including Dr. Young-ku Heo, have been speakers.

In particular, faculty members and leading professors from each university gave lectures on various cases and know-how on the YK Link System, drawing attention from participants to Neobiotech's new prosthetic system.

The YK Link System is a prosthetic system developed by CEO Young-ku Heo over a long period of time and is connected to a high elastic snap structure made of Nitinol. It is easy to attach and maintains perfect fixation strength, so it is highly stable.

In the lecture, the actual know-how was shared, including the advantages of the YK Link system and clinical cases, and received a hot response.

Dr. Young-Ku Heo's Live surgery, the highlight of the main lecture hall, was simultaneously broadcast live at the symposium lecture hall as it was held at the Dr. Heo Dental clinic. This live surgery was completed by immediately placement of implant using 'VAROGuide' and applying temporary crowns 'Magic i Temp' and 'YK temporary'. Through Neobiotech's products such as 'VAROGuide' and the new prosthetic product 'Magic i Temp', it showed an easy and convenient surgical process, once again drawing applause from participants.

Meanwhile, △At the session for Chinese doctor was held at the symposium, which was followed by high interest and response to Neobiotech implants, which made the symposium shine.

In particular, the lectures on 'CMI Concept and Long-Term Clinical Results' and 'Selection of tools & management of complications in maxillary sinus floor elevation surgery' held at the △ Chinese doctor session were received a lot of positive feedback by participants.

In addition to the lecture, digital equipment such as Oral scanner, Rayface, and 3D printers, including Neobiotech's surgical kit and VAROGuide, as well as various products such as CT, chairs and dental equipment, were exhibited in the lobby.

The 'YK Link System' and 'Magic i Temp' hands-on zone was also operated so that participants can experience the new product.

Plus, Neobiotech held events for visitors to the symposium. Many products such as △Neo chair M3 △AnyCheck △3D Printer T7 △NSK Engine was presented through lucky draw event.

Actor Kyung-ho Jung, an exclusive model for Neobiotech implant, was invited to the symposium and had a photo time for the participants after the stage greeting at the main session.

A Neobiotech official said, "We would like to thank the speakers and participants for shining the 2023 Neobiotech Symposium. We will continue to promote Neobiotech’s value and invest in new products for the development of the dental industry.

Details of Neobiotech’s new product 'YK Link System' which was officially launched at the symposium, can be found on the official website and can be consulted through local salesperson.