2022 Korea Brand Awards



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The ‘2022 Korea Brand Awards’, hosted by Hankyung Business of Korea Economic Magazine,

was prepared to select promising brands in each field that contribute to the national economic

growth and satisfactory consumption activities of the people.

A total of 30 brands were selected and announced at the ‘2022 Korea Brand Awards’,

which celebrated its 7th anniversary this year.


Neo Implant is a global implant R&D brand

Neo Implant is a brand specialized in implant R&D of Neo Biotech.

It produces various types of implants developed based on the excellent technology accumulated

for a long time and long-term clinical data for more than 20 years.

It supplies about 1 million implants to over 5,000 dentists in Korea and 70 countries around the world

every year, providing great satisfaction to both medical institutions and patients.

In particular, Neo Implant's 'Baro Guide' is evaluated as the most advanced new concept

digital implant guide.

In addition to being able to check the procedure in advance through a mock procedure,

it is a non-incisional procedure, so there is less bleeding and pain, and the recovery period is short.

It is also characterized in that it is possible to complete the final implant with only 3 visits for consultation,

CT scan, primary procedure and suture, and final prosthesis.