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IS-II Active Fixture

Based on the accumulated clinical cases and studies over 10 years, IS-II active has been continuously developed for the improvement. IS-II active has an internal submerged type design with S.L.A. surface that allows faster and stronger osseointegration.

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Clinical Case 1

Early loading of the Neobiotech IS II Implants on the mandible posterior area (

PRE-OP : Pano

Postoperative panoramic radiograph showing 2 implants placed in the mandibular left posterior area.

2 days after implants placement surgery.

A definitive 2 unit SCRP prosthesis was delivered 2 weeks after implants placement.

Panoramic view after delivery of the prosthesis.

Periapical view of final restorations 2 years after implants placement.

Periapical view of final restorations 7 years after implants placement.

Panoramic view 7 years after delivery of final restorations. It was confirmed that the implants were stable and well maintained.

Clinical Case2

Immediate placement in the mandibular first molar (

PRE-OP :Pano.

Occlusal view of the extraction socket 36.

CMI IS-ll active implant was inserted achieving 40Ncm of initial stability, since surrounding bony walls were in in good quality. A large defect was seen around the implant but it was a contained defect.

Radiograph taken 3 months after implant placement confirmed crestal bone formation around the implant.

5 months after implant placement, a titanium custom abutment was fabricated and connected in the mouth showing a good emergence profile.

8 months postoperative radiograph showed no sign of bone resorption around the implant.

3 years follow-up verified bone crest level maintenance and stability of peri-implant bone.