Greater Competitive Advantages to Dentists! High-Quality Implant Surgeries to Patients!

Neobiotech stands out with our passion for strategic R&D and Superior quality products, creating globally trend-setting implants.
Neobiotech implants optimize for AnyTime Loading with its innovative implant design, surface treatment and drilling protocol.
The Macro thread design in the upper part of the implants also enables a strong and stable initial fixation that facilitates greater primary stability along with Neobiotech’s unique implant concept of “CMI Fixation”.
Based on  Implant Technology, the tapered body, powerful apex and reversed tread design of our implants allows excellent condition for achieving “self-compaction” in the cancellous bone.

Add premium Value to Your Clinic

As the implant market becomes more competitive, Patients will be willing to pay for the competitive price for the AnyTime loading technique.

Offer advanced treatment service

In response to the patients who demand for other implant systems, dentists can differentiate Neobiotech implants by explaining the loading time

Reduced chair time, Increased practical efficiency

Due to the shorter treatment time for the dentists, AnyTime Loading allows clinics to improve cash flow.

Fast Recovery and Rehabilitation

AnyTime Loading allows patients to immediately return to their usual daily life activities since prosthesis can be delivered within 2 weeks.

Maintenance of both Function and Esthetics

AnyTime Loading allows esthetic rehabilitation as well as confidence to patients.

Simple and Fast Treatment

AnyTime Loading reduces patients’ discomfort and guarantees satisfaction with a high success rate.

Reduced timing of Prosthetic Loading

Prosthetic loading time can be arranged to meet patients’ needs.

AnyTime Loading

“Increasing Stability”

AnyTime Loading is the loading concept for implants, which makes the prosthetic rehabilitation possible ANYTIME.
A dip in stability, a significant drop in implant stability, is usually observed between second and six weeks following implant placement.
Any dip in implant stability has fundamental clinical importance for immediate, early, or AnyTime loaded implants as it may lead to implant failure.
However, Neobiotech implants optimized for AnyTime Loading with its innovative implant design, surface treatment and drilling protocol.
As it maintains the primary stability longer than other implant systems, AnyTime Loading is possible.

Primary Stability

The ‘Magic Thread’ (reverse-thread type), macro thread, and tapered design of the Neobiotech fixture increases and maintains primary stability.

Secondary Stability

Secondary stability is also increased due to the SLA surface treatment which promotes osseointegration.

Total Stability

As the fixture design and surface treatment of Neobiotech fixture encourage longer maintenance of primary stability and greater secondary stability, the stability dip is dramatically reduced in 2~6 weeks. Therefore, AnyTime Loading is possible by reducing the vulnerable period for loading.

CMI Fixation

Coronal Fixation

Fixation of an implant is acquired at the coronal third of the implant by surrounding bone.

Middle Fixation

Fixation of an implant is acquired at the middle third of the implant by surrounding bone.

Inferior Fixation

Fixation of an implant is acquired at the inferior(apical) third of the implant by surrounding bone.

Implant Technology

Micro Groove

Open threaded bevel coronal,
and platform microgroove
enhance soft tissue barrier seal.

Deep & Wide Pitch

Increase contact area between
thread pitch and results in
increasing of stability and

S.L.A Surface

Improvement of process
technology of S.L.A surface.

Wide Cutting Edge

Improvement of fixation and
increase clinician’s comfort when
placing implants by widening
cutting edge area.