Latest findings in science and technology

Based on a dedicated team of internal research team and engineers who substantially collaborate with clinical research centers, academics, dental hospitals, and Universities around the world, Neobiotech attach great importance to providing scientifically proven solutions.

Considering both clinical and economic benefits, our R&D embraces a broad view of the needs of both patients and dentists, as well as the field of implant dentistry.
Holding a deep conviction that research is the essence of our products, we are committed to advancing and developing the field by translating research insights into practical advances that not only prolong but enhance the quality of life.

Where innovation comes to life

Our engineering, production and assembly are all carried out under one roof.
Short lines of communication ensure that the quality of our solutions and products remains high.

Our production unit in Seoul is devoted primarily to the specialized manufacture of components and instruments for the Neobiotech dental implant system and CAD/CAM system.
Now reaching over 110 qualified employees, our production facility considerably expanded its workforce and currently produce more than 4 million components per year.
As a reliable manufacturer in the international market, our site conforms to rigorous international criteria.
The high-tech manufacturing process and constant quality assurance ensure the high quality level of Neobiotech products.

Our commitment to quality

Our dedication to quality is a founding principle of Neobiotech.
This commitment is underscored by our ISO 9001-certified Quality Management System, which challenges us to continually improve our processes and approaches in order to deliver the best possible results in the field.

Our manufacturing unit is subject to the regulation of its quality assurance system under the EN/ISO 13485 standard at every stage of operations.
This standard specifies in detail all the criteria that must be met by a company’s quality assurance scheme involving all business operations in order to be acknowledged. Undisputedly, medical products and devices must meet particularly strict requirements. We control the quality of our products for consistency and sustainability in long-term tests conducted at our own locations with our own equipment.