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[A disposable Implant brush for treating peri-implantitis]

i-Brush1 is for effective debridement at the top of implant (1~2 thread) without damaging surface for helping with natural healing or performing GBR treatment.

See more solutions  from various clinical cases.




Clinical case 1

Treatment of peri-implantitis with granulation tissue removal and mechanical cleansing using R Brush & i-Brush

Pre-operative Situation

R Brush was used for the granulation tissue removal and mechanical cleansing at 8,000rpm with copious irrigation.

i-Brush was used for the granulation tissue removal and mechanical cleansing in the narrow and deep noncircumferential defect area. After the decontamination by chlorhexidine gluconate solution, SLA surface was treated with phosphate etching for 10 seconds, and washed by saline.

In order to promote remineralization on the implant surface, β−TCP powder was applied by air abrasion over the implant surface.

Clinical case 2

Treatment of peri-implantitis using i-Brush1

Pre-operative radiographic photograph.

Granulation tissue removed by i Brushing.

The defect filled with Bio-Oss.

The wound closed by suture.

X-ray after the treatment.

Clinical case 3

1 year follow up of periimplantitis treatment with I Brushing

The implant was exposed with flap elevation and severe peri-implant bone loss was found.

Each contaminated implant thread was cleaned with i-Brush1for 3 minutes, at 8000rpm.

New rough surface has been created by i Brushing.