Requirement : CT Scan ONLY

Reduced Process : PreGuide Impression Model = Surgical Guide

Fabrication Time : Guide hole milling ONLY (5-axis milling machine) / No 3D Print

Fabrication Time : 30 min / 10X Faster
(Conventional Guide Fabrication Period : 1 week)

Patient Visit : Guide Fabrication + Surgery in One-visit


Simplified Process : CT Scan ONLY, No Model or Intraoral Scan

Precise Coordination in Planning : 3-Point Click ONLY

Intuitive & Simple : PreGuide Impression Model = Surgical Guide

Auto File Extraction : No Separate Design or Arrangement to Mill Guide Hole

Accurate & Precise!

Impression guide itself is milled as a surgical guide

Minimized Process : Significantly reduced error from extra fabrication process

Accurate Implantation Position : Minimized tolerance


Pre-Guide is a preliminary frame of VARO Guide. After Impression intra-orally taken and milled as implant location, Pre-Guide is finalized as VARO Guide.

PreGuide has 4 types PGS, PGM, PGA and PGF as a tray and 8 types in total, PGS13, PGS24, PGM13, PGM24, PGA, PGF-L/M/S depending on the location.

No.13 is for maxillary right posterior and mandibular left posterior

No.24 is for maxillary left posterior and mandibular right posterior


Implant Planning S/W of VARO Guide System

01 Simple & Easy User Interface

02 Markers for Accurate Merging

03 Simple & Easy Crown Design

04 Re-organization of Panoramic Image

Marked Identified Nerve

Auto-extracted Surgical Report

Good Design

Elegant & Modern Design armonizing   with clinic interior

Simple Use

Simple & Easy user interface to control

Quick and Accurate

Accurate Milling as planning (10min per hole)

5-Axis Milling

Smooth and Stable power transmission from ball screw in 5-axis Machine

Easy to Install

Compact size(370x500x390) and Light weight (35kg) for easy installation and migration

No vacuum or Air pressure required but operated via electrics only; Installation site not limited

VAROGuide Kit

Fundamental Kit of VARO Guide System

IS & IT Fixture Compatible : Ø 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0

VAROGuide Mini Kit

Surgical Kit dedicated to Mini Fixture

S-mini Fixture : Ø2.5 / 3.0/ 3.5
*Narrow Fixture : Ø3.2 /3.5

VAROGuide Sinus Kit

Surgical Kit dedicated to Sinus Lift

VAROGuide Accessory Kit

Anchor for Surgical Guide Fixation
(Vertical Anchor / Lateral Anchor)

Ø2.4 Single Guide Drill

VARO Guide Procedure

New Age of Guide from preparation to fabrication, milled and completed at clinic within 30 minutes