01 Predictable surgery

More predictable implant placement can be done as the implantologist’s treatment plan becomes a clinical reality with Neo NaviGuide

02 Simulation of treatment plan

With the visualization of implant planning, the patients will get a good impression during the consultation by explaining the treatment plan in a clear and visual way.

03 Saving Surgery Time

Save valuable time and increase treatment efficiency by using the customized surgical template. In addition to this, the patients will be more satisfied with less clinic visit.

04 Minimally Invasive Surgery

Due to minimal flap opening, the patient will bleed less, and the risk of infection will be lowered.

05 Prosthetic-driven digital workflow

The success rate of the surgery will be raised as it became possible to find the optimal balance between the implants and the prostheses as the surgery is planned based on the final restoration.

06 Positive implant experience for patients

Patient who has experienced safe and pain-less digitized implant surgery will make a positive decision when he needs to decide for another implant surgery.

Neo Naviguide Kit

Micro groove that created on the fixture platform area prevents bone loss by improving of gum support sealing.

Fundamental Kit of Neo Naviguide System

IS Fixture Compatible : Ø 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0

Neo Naviguide Kit Narrow

Surgical Kit dedicated to Mini Fixture

*Narrow Fixture : Ø3.5